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A book review on The Fountains of silence by Ruta Sepetys

The Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetys  is a Young adult historical fiction novel and has just beacome one of my favourite books!. I love  how Ruta Sepetys writes about less known history. She calls herself the seeker of lost stroies. The Fountains of Silence is gripping and pulls you right in I felt the characters and their journeys very much. The book for the most part is set in spain in 1957 during the  fascist dictatorship of Genral Francisco  which  I knew nothing abot berfore I read this. So many horrrible  things happend during that time but everthing  was under wraps buried and I think you can really see that in the book. The novels switches between four  perspectives Ana, Daniel, Rafael  and Puri though Ana and Dainel are the main characters. Ana who has  so much to offer to the world but has to remain silent to keep her famliy secrets safe. I think her jounery is really powerfull.   Puri who is full of questions but feels she can’t ask them. Rafael who wants to overcome fear. And Daniel who through his photography and love for Ana finds a world of secrets and fear he never new existed. I think the way people are brought up and what they have been through determines how they see things but that can change. I think  the book shows how  painful it is to live in Silence  and how truth can break through. Here is a link to the penguin house summary of the book http://penguinrandomhouse.com/books/311731/the-fountains -of -Silence-by-ruta-sepetys/

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Isn't historical fiction so good! I want to read this book :)

4th Mar, 20